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Walk the Line: Tips for being HIPAA Conscientious While Posting on Social Media Sites

Check out my post I wrote for the MusicWorx Inc. blog. 

Many have heard of it, some have not.  HIPAA is an acronym that stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.   If you have ever been actively involved in a hospital or facility, these letters have been screamed at you.  “I just have to make sure that, no matter what, all the information regarding my patients and clients remains confidential, right?” Right.

Music Therapists are beginning to expand their online presence through various social media sites (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging). However, it is important to be conscious of what your putting up on your sites.  It makes me cringe when I see colleagues posting pictures, updates, thoughts or stories that border the very thin line between okay and violation.

Here are a few tips to ensure that you’re not crossing that line:

  1. When in doubt, leave it out.
  2. Remove any identifying information- Just remember: NOLF (Name, Occupation, Location, Facility).
  3. If you wouldn’t want the public to know it about your mother, don’t share.
  4. All photographs, video, drawings, art, poetry MUST have a waiver signed by the patient allowing you to use/share.
  5. Every time you’re writing something, double-check. Ask yourself, “Am I violating my client’s privacy by saying this?”

Keep this in mind: Would you want information about your upcoming surgery, intimate moment with your therapist or struggles posted online for hundreds of people to see? I don’t think so.

In conclusion:

DO NOT assume that people cannot infer who a patient is.

DO NOT assume your patient “won’t mind if I talk about this.”

DO use your moments of learning for reflection and teaching moments.

DO trust in a mentor so that you may process any exciting or difficult sessions (sticking to HIPAA protocol of course!).

DO put disclaimers in blog posts and updates letting your audience know NOLF has been changed to protect confidentiality.

DO get permission from patients and clients to share those “WOW” experiences.

Check out the original post at www.musicworxinc.com/blog


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Six-Month Chrysalis

For the last 5 months, as part of my internship, I have been diligently working away at my newest project.  It’s entitled: “Six-Month Chrysalis” and its a 12-chapter book which features over 100 stories, insights and confessions from over 15 years of music therapy interns.

Not only is it a great coffee table book for the music therapist, it will be a excellent learning tool for professors at universities, and a resource for students and new interns.  Topics such as “death and dying, “personal and professional growth” and “dealing with declines,” are split into chapters as a means for reflection.  The book provides great insight into the life of an intern, soon to be professional, and the types of scenarios and situations one may encounter.  The book will feature a series of questions for study purposes or reflection, as well as an index split by population for easy reference.

I’m VERY excited for the launching of this book.  It’s going to be a beautiful contribution to music therapy literature, as it houses the most intimate moments and learning curves from current interns, and now successful professionals during their internship experience.

The book will be introduced at the 2011 AMTA Conference in Atlanta, GA. Check out some selections of the book during regular exhibit hall hours at the MusicWorx Inc. booth(#404) from Thursday, November 11th through Saturday, November 19th! Put your name in for a drawing and have a chance to win one of three raffled copies! The “butterfly” is set to launch in early Spring 2012!

**All names and likenesses in the book have been removed for the confidentiality of our clients and interns.


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