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What’s Next? To Infinity and BEYOND!

So I’m done with my internship,  had a wonderful time at AMTA11, but what’s next? That’s a question I think all new professionals ask themselves. The first thing that crosses my mind- “I’m free!” And it’s true, for the first time in my life I can do whatever I want, choose my path, and plan my future.

“The Eclectic Guitar”  has been in action since April, 2010.  Since then, I’ve connected with various students, interns and professionals and offered insight into the student, then intern world.  Even though now i’m neither, I still have some tricks up my sleeves.

“The Eclectic Guitar” is being completely re-vamped!  I have some really exciting things planned (courtesy of my flight from Atlanta to San Diego), and I can’t wait to get them launched.  Stay tuned- in mid-december i’ll be releasing an exciting announcement across all my social media platforms that explains what i’m up to.

Something is ‘a brewing!’


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