Who Am I?

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Name: Sarah Sendlbeck

Age: 22

Current City: San Diego, CA

Education: Nazareth College of Rochester: B.M in Music Therapy, minor in Psychology

My name is Sarah and I have a great passion for life. I am thrilled to be almost complete with my clinical internship with MusicWorx Inc. in San Diego, CA. I work with a variety of populations ranging from infants, teen moms, general hospital, substance abuse, parkinson’s patients, children with chronic illnesses, military and PTSD, pulmonary patients, integrative medicine, women victims of trafficking and domestic violence, breast cancer patients, hospice care and developmental disabilities.  I love looking at music therapy from a progressive standpoint. I have an interest in incorporating technology into music therapy, branding and entrepenurship, as well as social networking with other music therapists across the United States.  I hope to create tools, and stream ideas so that we may use them to further grow music therapy into a field that’s very cutting edge and constantly in motion.  Please email any blog post ideas, or ways you incorporate progressive ideas into your music therapy life to ssendlb5@naz.edu.  Thanks! Keep checking back!


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