Six-Month Chrysalis

For the last 5 months, as part of my internship, I have been diligently working away at my newest project.  It’s entitled: “Six-Month Chrysalis” and its a 12-chapter book which features over 100 stories, insights and confessions from over 15 years of music therapy interns.

Not only is it a great coffee table book for the music therapist, it will be a excellent learning tool for professors at universities, and a resource for students and new interns.  Topics such as “death and dying, “personal and professional growth” and “dealing with declines,” are split into chapters as a means for reflection.  The book provides great insight into the life of an intern, soon to be professional, and the types of scenarios and situations one may encounter.  The book will feature a series of questions for study purposes or reflection, as well as an index split by population for easy reference.

I’m VERY excited for the launching of this book.  It’s going to be a beautiful contribution to music therapy literature, as it houses the most intimate moments and learning curves from current interns, and now successful professionals during their internship experience.

The book will be introduced at the 2011 AMTA Conference in Atlanta, GA. Check out some selections of the book during regular exhibit hall hours at the MusicWorx Inc. booth(#404) from Thursday, November 11th through Saturday, November 19th! Put your name in for a drawing and have a chance to win one of three raffled copies! The “butterfly” is set to launch in early Spring 2012!

**All names and likenesses in the book have been removed for the confidentiality of our clients and interns.



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4 responses to “Six-Month Chrysalis

  1. Stephanie

    Way cool!! Where did you get the material for the book – from patient highlights?

    • Hi Stephanie! Yes- the stories come from the patient highlights… things were changed to make them “book appropriate” etc. There were thousands of highlights but only a little over 100 made it into the book… just not enough space to fit all the great stories! 😀 Can’t wait!

  2. Awesome Sarah – Congratulations on your big project.
    Whose stories did you include? Were they informed and was permission granted to use the stories?
    Also, are you getting compensation for all your hard work in putting it together? Sounds like a huge feat! Well-done!

    • Hi Kat! Thanks so much… it’s very exciting for me and Barbara is thrilled with the process. As far as permission for the highlights- all the names and everything are removed in the book, and there were just so many highlights, many times names were left out etc on the document. Regardless of whether or not a specific interns story is or is not in the book, all 109 interns are given credit in the book including your name and the dates of your internship.
      We haven’t discussed price of compensation just yet- but it’s in the works… its with the editor right now 🙂 Yay!

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