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New Beginnings

It’s been a busy 2 weeks! In case you didn’t already assume it- I MADE IT! Nearly 3,000 miles… I traveled through 12 states to reach my destination. ¬†What a remarkable experience. You can’t truly appreciate the American landscape until you’ve driven through it… and stared at it… for hours… and hours ūüėÄ What I didn’t share with most was that the day before I set out, my travel plans had to be tossed out because of the recent tornadoes that were sweeping the midwest. ¬†It took a quick cancelation, and re-booking to get us on a new, more safe, northern route.

So the big question…? Internship! I’ve officially completed my first FULL week (now on my second!). ¬†It’s been a whirlwind. ¬†Learning the ropes has been a challenge. ¬†Musicworx certainly lives up to its name. ¬†I’ve already observed more populations in my first week than I have since¬†I became a music therapy student: Hospice, Hospital, Disability, Substance Abuse, Homeless, Health and Wellness Rehab, Breast Cancer support group, Parkinson’s, Rhett’s… and that’s just the¬†beginning! My fellow intern’s are fabulous, extremely¬†talented new professionals that are guiding me along. I have my own cube that is housing all the great ideas to come. It’s shaping up to be a busy but rewarding experience… Oh and by the way… San Diego is FABULOUS.

You can check out the new Musicworx blog @ and read all about the interns!

So stay tuned- i’ve got lots of new tricks up my sleeve that I can’t wait to share! Oh and- I GOT MY iPad!


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