“California Girls Were Unforgettable…

…but nothing comes close to the Golden Coast”

My life flipped on it’s side last Saturday! I was asked to join Dr. Barbara Reuer and her MusicWorx Inc. team down in sunny San Diego.. and I was THRILLED. I made a quick decision and decided there is no other place I could imagine myself. I will be completing my clincal internship under one of the most well respected business women in the music therapy profession… and can we say, “West Coast represent!?”

So here I am… FINALLY 2 days left of undergraduate classes- 3 weeks until my graduation date. I can’t believe I’ve been writing this blog for over a year now, and so much as developed over the course of these 13 months.  It’s so rewarding to see your hard work and dedication pay off.

I can’t wait to begin blogging from San Diego, CA  (5 weeks!) and documenting all my adventures.  I’ve found a great little apartment that sits literally a hop away from the beach in gorgeous Mission Beach… and I have my whole life to look forward to.  It’s thrilling to gaze into the future and guess how the next year or so will develop, and to KNOW that just shortly after my next birthday (Nov 27th) I will officially be a MT-BC.

Now… I just need a base tan. 😀


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