I’m off to Saratoga, NY in the morning and it’s nearly minute and I’m still finishing up some last minute things! Just wanted to remind everyone with smart phones or laptops (because the hotel has free WiFi!) to join the conversation on twitter by updating #MARAMTA11.  Hope to catch up with some social media guru’s while I’m there (I even think I saw a session about it!)

So… how to make the most out of your conference experience?

  • Don’t be afraid to shake a few hands and ask questions.  It doesn’t hurt to meet new students, interns, presenters, professionalism and strike up a conversation!
  • um… do I need to mention my obsession with QR codes again? I’m trying something new this conference. I’m going paperless … that is… with no business cards.  I’m well equipped with my QR code that links to this blog though!
  • Students: if you don’t have your internship solidified yet… or your a junior… there’s no time like the present to check out the fair!
  • I served as a senior chapter representative for my school this year… and although Business Meetings can be dull… it’s good to get the experience at least once.  They discuss lots of important topics in the profession… and you can vote on things to make a difference!
  • Sometimes the best sessions are at 8:00 am… need I say more? You paid for it… go. But don’t kill yourself.  Take some downtime in the afternoon.
  • Lastly! Check out Twitter… or connect with people who are updating it.  You can get some really great tips about sessions, people and things going on around conference! Let’s CONNECT!

    I’ll see YOU, Mid-Atlantic Region… tomorrow!


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