Music Therapy 2.0 Presentation: Prezi, Reflection and Notes

This past Sunday at the AMTAS-Naz Chapter mini-conference I was able to have my very first experience with giving a professional presentation.  I joined forces with my fiance, Jim Ernst who is a PR professional and a blogger who specializes in social media and branding.  We related it all back to music therapy; forming your own unique brand, one for your business as well as utilizing new technologies in your sessions.  These are my thoughts and tips for presentation and how to make the time worth while for both you and your attendee’s.

Tips for presenting:

1. Be concise and prepared: It’s very obvious when a presenter did not rehearse and is flying by the seat of their pants. Don’t let this be you.

2. Time Yourself!: You many think that you have enough information, but you might not.  You might think that you won’t go over your time, but you will.  An hour or however long you have is a lot easier to fill than you think. Practice!

3. Take a breath before you begin: Set yourself up on a calm note. Taking a second to breath will balance you for the whole presentation.

4. Try to avoid to many long videos: Videos can really enhance a presentation if they are timely.  However, be careful to not play video after video that are irrelevant.  They came to hear YOU speak.

5. Don’t read from your slides ( is great for avoiding this!): There’s nothing worse than someone reading their slides word for word.  Put up some talking points and YOU fill them in.  This definitely takes practice.

For more information about social media, branding and more visit my co-presenter’s blog here.

Check out our presentation from Prezi on this link.

If you would like a copy of our hand out you can find it here –> What is a Brand ?


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