Music Therapy in the Spotlight: Take Your Bow.

Is anyone else noticing that recently Music Therapy is getting more and more coverage in the media? Social networking sites, universities, students and professionals are exploding in excitement over all the recent coverage the profession has been getting, and the positive effects it has on AMTA, music therapy and on the lives of those who live it.  This sudden attention has definite positive outcomes, but it got me thinking- Will this change the way music therapy is taught in universities and how it is represented in society?

As a student it has become pretty apparent that it is basically part of the curriculum to teach students how to answer the question: “So what is music therapy?” We’ve been drilled, put in mock situations and taught the “elevator speech,” however, it’s curious to wonder if this will be necessary in years to come. With all the media coverage, will music therapy be more recognized, accepted, and known in society and will advocacy efforts lighten? Will this improve grant applications for working professionals, put music therapy at the top of treatment plans and have average citizens stop questioning what the profession entails? (no we aren’t necessarily music teachers.) These are all unanswerable questions-of course- and only time will tell.  It’s interesting to think about and discuss… and has me wondering- Where will my place and experience be in this field 5 years from now, and will it be different from the professionals of yesterday?

Most popular media coverage in the past few weeks:

1. Jodi Picoult, the author of “My sister’s keeper” is releasing her new book for publication tomorrow! It’s titled “Sing You Home” and follows the story of a music therapist.  It can be purchased here.


2.  A few weeks ago the trailer for “The Music Never Stopped” was released.  This full length, feature film follows a case study from Oliver Sacks book, Awakenings.  It revolves around a family who is dealing with disorder, and the son’s journey with music therapy.


3. Senator Gabby Giffords improvements have been followed and music therapy has been featured numerous times as part of her recovery process.  News, articles and social media sites have been spreading the word of music therapy as part of her rehabilitation and is becoming a popular talking point in media.  A great clip of the process can be seen here.

I hope that the hype continues and music therapy continues to be positively represented across the United States!


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