Gaze Into Your Future: The Five-Year Plan

Over the past few weeks, during my last winter break as a student, i’ve been doing a lot of self-reflection and inner discussion with myself: What are my career goals and plans, and personal milestones I would like to reach?. I created lists of thoughts and ideas, as well as things I just felt I needed to write down on paper for reinforcement. After my own personal reflections, last night my fiance and I sat down and wrote out our five-year plan. It made me realize how very important it is for students to really sit down as they are approaching graduation, and plan out where they want to head, and where they are actually heading. As music therapy students there are so many questions on the table: graduate school? internship? i’ve had enough and need a break?… and then the questions that will come just a short time after that: what are my career goals? employment or private practice? population? And let’s not forget about our personal aspirations (we’re not just music therapy machines!): moving? family? personal goals? There is SO much to think about. Putting it down on paper (or the computer!) really helps to see the overall picture and trend. It’s a nice way to map out the next 5 years, and plan where you want to end up when it concludes.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. What do I need in a career? (Flexibility? Financially stable? etc.)
  2. What do I have ambitions in? (Music? Opening a business? Healthcare?)
  3. What are goals and milestones that I want to reach? (Marriage? Homeownership? Particular city?)

After you’ve answered all the important questions you can go ahead and block it out…

Where do you want to be/accomplish in 3 months from now?…. 6 months?….1 year…..2 years….3 years…..4 years……and finally 5 years.

Where do you want to be in 5 years? Leave your comment!




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2 responses to “Gaze Into Your Future: The Five-Year Plan

  1. Really good advice Sarah! Important to keep revising those goals as you go too – life ALWAYS seems to throw a curve ball!

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