Conference: It’s where it’s AT!

As most professionals and many students know, National Conference is just around the corner! For myself and many fellow students, this is a time we REALLY look forward to (and not just because we get out of our classes!). It acts as a much needed boost to our day to day student lives, gives us opportunities and experiences we wouldn’t normally get if we didn’t attend and you get the chance to be surrounded by people who know, live and understand exactly what it is we do! As active members of our school’s chapter, we always encourage freshman and new students to attend both National and Regional conferences, regardless of their current skill level. Lucky for us this year, National Conference is just a mere 5 hour drive to Cleveland, OH as opposed to the cross country journey to San Diego, CA a few of us made last year. Nazareth College is happy to say that we are bringing a Nazareth record breaking amount of students to National’s this year!

Why should I attend conference?

  • Many professor’s will say it’s closely comparable to about a semester’s worth of course work as far as information presented.  Expand your brain power!
  • When you start applying for internships, you look like a dedicated individual who is willing to go above and beyond to learn new things.
  • You will get a TON of idea’s for activities, sessions and preparations for your practicum and professional life.
  • NETWORKING! NETWORKING! NETWORKING!! You will have all of the greatest in the field in the same building as you. Introduce yourself, go to meet and greets and fairs and attend their presentations!
  • Discounted instruments, research and song books and retail! 
  • Bonding time with your school, schools in your region and schools not in your region.
  • Connect with old colleagues and friends.
  • Gain valuable advice and point-of-views from working professionals.
  • Get different perspectives going on in the field including: populations, strategies, methods and progressive techniques!
  • Drum circles, Jam sessions, live karaoke and dancing- We are MUSIC therapists after all.

So… If you haven’t already- register for conference! It runs from November 17-21.  Information can be found at

Make sure to follow updates from myself and professional music therapists at hashtag #AMTA10! I will certainly be updating both on Twitter and Facebook! 😀

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