Singing Telegrams!

The AMTAS-Naz Chapter aka The Music Therapy Club of Nazareth College of Rochester, located in Rochester, NY is fundraising! We are trying to raise money to help support our students as they travel to Cleveland, OH for the AMTA National Conference as well the the Mid Atlantic Region-AMTA in Saratoga Springs, NY.  We are launching our singing telegrams! We will call  anyone you can think of: sweethearts, boss’s, co-workers, friends and family and leave them a personalized greeting when you choose one of our 10 pre-hearsed songs! Give the people in your life something they will NEVER forget! Once you fill out a request form and send it into Nazareth College, a quartet of students will call the recipient in a professional manner.  If they do not answer a singing message will be left.  Join our event group on Facebook and request a form by writing on the wall or email You do not need to be local! ONLY $2!  We can’t wait to make your loved ones day!


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