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“i” Autoharp!

I came across this awesome application and just had to share it with everyone! It’s neat for a couple reasons… but first off it’s called the “Autoharp” application and can be purchased for .99 in the App store (sure beats the cost of an actual autoharp!- not that anything can replace the quality or sound of a real instrument).

These app’s are really handy especially if budgets are low, and new instruments that aren’t 100% necessary aren’t in the cards for the year.  Purchasing an iPad or something similar gives you access to hundreds of instruments that clients wouldn’t normally have access to.  This allows us students or professionals to spice up the sessions with a little something different, gadgety and intriguing.  I really liked this autoharp app because it requires clients and therapists to use the same type of stroke and hand positions that a real autoharp would.  It also has great sound quality (not that cheesy synthetic sound), and allows you to play both up and down strokes, as well as individual strings! Why is this beneficial?

  • I’m in a medical setting currently, and this would be great.  Why? Because normally it would be difficult to bring in an autoharp- it’s way to difficult to clean over and over again with all the strings, and when something needs to be cleaned every time it leaves the office, another option would be great.
  • iPads, iPods and iPhones have protective coverings and cases.  The plastic cover that goes on the screen can be replaced for each client. Other options? – a transparent sheet can be placed over the iPad for each client for sanitary purposes.  Just clean the sheet- it’s way simpler than cleaning each of those strings!
  • Clients can have the opportunity to play the autoharp- although autoharp can be quite easy for clients to play, it can be bulky and awkward.
  • The app is always tuned for you! For anyone who has tuned an autoharp… it’s not very fun. No worries here!

Like I said, nothing can replace the real thing- but it’s nice to have options if you don’t have access to specialty instruments.  Taking part of the budget an investing in an iPad will save money in the long run, and will give you access to dozens of instruments instead of just one or two.

Happy tech-ing!

Thanks! 🙂


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Singing Telegrams!

The AMTAS-Naz Chapter aka The Music Therapy Club of Nazareth College of Rochester, located in Rochester, NY is fundraising! We are trying to raise money to help support our students as they travel to Cleveland, OH for the AMTA National Conference as well the the Mid Atlantic Region-AMTA in Saratoga Springs, NY.  We are launching our singing telegrams! We will call  anyone you can think of: sweethearts, boss’s, co-workers, friends and family and leave them a personalized greeting when you choose one of our 10 pre-hearsed songs! Give the people in your life something they will NEVER forget! Once you fill out a request form and send it into Nazareth College, a quartet of students will call the recipient in a professional manner.  If they do not answer a singing message will be left.  Join our event group on Facebook and request a form by writing on the wall or email You do not need to be local! ONLY $2!  We can’t wait to make your loved ones day!

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