Saturday Night Fever! Disco Improvisation

Whoa! What a last couple of weeks! I’ve been up to Boston, over to Vermont, back to NY and back up to Lake Placid! While camping in the mountains this weekend, a few fellow music therapy students and myself began to revisit some new piano skills we picked up at The “Keys to Creativity” workshop, presented by Josh Massicot MM and Wade Richards MT-BC, that we attended a few weeks ago.  Luckily there was a piano at the house, and we got some practicing in besides harmonizing with guitar around the campfire! Caitlin Preston-Fulton, Nazareth College MTS reminded me of the disco improvisation that was presented at the workshop, and I thought it was an interesting and useful thing to share.

What can a Disco improv be used for?

  • Movement! Definitely something different and interesting that can be used with your group.
  • A different sound for marches
  • Really easy for a client to improvise with you over the bass-Just mark off which keys they can use
  • Another way to utilize piano in a therapy session
  • A simple way to add another “style” under your belt
  • Get your clients disco arms moving!

Here is a short demo of how to play a disco improv.  The “key” is to develop your own sound, keep it simple so clients can join in and have fun with it.  Enjoy!



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