Sometimes a “Hug Works”

Finding creative musical sources that can be used and adapted for many populations is critical for a music therapist student or professional, as well as writing original songs.  One source that I’ve been secretly enjoying for over a year now is “Hugworks.”  Now I am going to proclaim it to the world, and highly encourage that students and professionals take a listen to some of their great tracks, and maybe even pick up a few of their CD’s.

Fishy Mon

The Frog Song (tell me how you feel)

Hugworks is a nonprofit organization that creates products and services benefiting children with special needs.  Their music and products help improve self-esteem, wellness, and positive expression of feelings. Through the use of therapeutic musical entertainment and therapy, Hugworks addresses the needs of children with special needs.  Although their aim is children with special needs, their products can target a range of cliental including hospitals, camps, homes, and developmental facilities across the U.S.

For more information about Hugworks visit


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