iPhone Drum Kit

In honor of the iphone 4 coming out today… as well as the update available for the iphone 3G a few days ago, I decided to talk a little about an cool app that I came across when I first got my phone.

Budget got you down? Sometimes as music therapists we don’t have all the resources we would like readily available to us… sometimes we do (which is great!) A drum kit not in the budget? It’s ok! Although nothing can replace the motor planning and movement that a real drum kit provides, as well as the coordination required to play anything, there is an app that is pretty much the next best thing.  It works for either the iphone, or if you want an even better experience, an iPad has a much larger screen and more capabilities.  The app on my phone is called “drum kit lite,” and it is complete with a 10-piece virtual drum kit that responds to touch or tapping.  You can even play more than one drum at the same time! Just like real drums are very success oriented, so is this app- it always works, and it almost never sounds bad.  It’s a great tool to have- and clients can play along with you, and any generation would find it neat and get enjoyment out of playing these virtual drums.  The full version has even more to offer for just a dollar or two.  The drum kit app is great to work on fine motor within the arms, fingers, and palms- and you can control the volume!

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