Finding Your Balance

Jobs, school, household chores, everything breaking at once , money and relationships.  Did I miss something? Oh you mean my “self?” Ha. Who has time for that.

Life can get overwhelming.  What? You can’t juggle a billion things at once..? It’s clearly you. But it’s not! Finding and maintaining some balance in your life as a working professional or as a hard working student is extremely challenging.  Keeping good mental and physical health are part of our job.  The healthier you are all around, the more positive your client relationships will be.

Finding your balance and rhythm are things that we as music therapy students and professionals try to maintain in our sessions with clients.  Practicing what we preach in our work lives and to our clients is important to remember.

  1. Find a schedule that works for you.  Use routines as anchors throughout your day.
  2. Organization is key to happiness! Even if it takes an extra second to do it right the first time… it makes your day much smoother and you don’t have to worry about it anymore!
  3. Express yourself if your growing stressed or frustrated.  Know your limit and know when it’s time to step aside.
  4. Focus your energy and attentions to your clients throughout the day, but don’t forget about yourself.  Your clients will benefit more if you are in check.
  5. Find a groove that works for you and take time out for yourself during off hours and weekends.
  6. Life is a balancing act.  Pinpoint the items you need to balance, and focus on those.  Your life will soar once it’s in order.  It only gets easier.

Easier said than done? Right. But putting a little extra effort into maintaining your balance results in a happier you- both during and after sessions.  Optimism is the key!



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