Internships: The Great Hunt

As I move into my senior year as a music therapy major, many questions and uncertainties are beginning to arise.  It’s a transitional part of my life, and for other classmates all across the U.S.  Most student’s about to graduate are applying for jobs, and looking into what direction they want to take their major and education in.  Music Therapy majors, like myself, are doing something a little different. It’s all about the “great hunt,” for internships! I can only speak for myself and my experience thus far with the hunt.  Many students have different situations than mine, and are restricted to where they may or want to apply.  I consider this time VERY scary, but also VERY exciting! The sky is the limit! Questions run through my head everyday: Where do I want to live…Will I like the location… What population do I want to specialize in…. East Coast or West Coast…..Private Practice, Hospital, or other…. The questions are endless.  It’s very exciting to get to choose where you want to spend 6 months (or maybe more!) and also decide what direction you want to go in with music therapy since there are so many options.  For those just beginning the hunt, you can find internship listenings on the American Music Therapy Association Website, or if you are a member of AMTA you will be sent the National Roster of approved internships.


  • There are ALOT of internships
  • It lists them by city and state
  • There are a lot of populations and locations
  • It’s VERY overwhelming

Here’s what you can do to make it easier:

  1. Narrow down your preferred populations in your head.  List pros and cons.  The hunt will be a lot easier if you have a focus in mind
  2. Narrow down locations.  Research cities and states, average temperatures, culture etc.  You need to be comfortable if you are moving far away, or out of state.  Your internship should be a positive experience so don’t let the homesick blues be the reason you don’t enjoy it.
  3. Run through the national roster and make an initial list of possible internships.  I copy and pasted them from the website onto a word document to make it more manageable.
  4. If your initial list is to lengthy, go through it again.  Carefully read information about each internship including location, stipend, what’s included (or not) and population.
  5. Make a final list.  Try your best to rank your top internship choices.  I again, copy and pasted the basic information of each internship into a another document along with the contact information of the internship supervisor and the website if included.
  6. Research your top internships! This includes population, and the the facility.  Look for websites and internship descriptions.  Mark under each internship on your word document if the application for applying is “On the Web,” “Online Download,” or if you need to “Email for information.”
  7. Send out appropriate emails.
  8. Start filling out those applications!

Organization is key to the application process and making sure your on top of things coming in and items going out.  Make sure your resume and essays reflect who you are as a person, professional and music therapist in training.

I’m sure it’ll all work out! Keep your head up and be positive! Feel free to leave a comment with any questions about this or any other topics.

Thanks for checking back!



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