Techie Tuesday! Garage Band!

There’s nothing more great to leave a client with then a CD with tracks of all the most successful songs worked on during your time together.  This is true for any population.  This past semester, I left my client with all 4 of the songs that addressed his goals, motivated him to work toward them, and most importantly, function as a tool for him to use long after our time together.  There are many ways to record your voice and instrument, however, my personal favorite is Garage Band.  It’s getting used more and more in therapy sessions for recording and personal client projects, and it’s becoming one of the music therapists best tools.

  • Like I said, Garage Band is great for recording and burning CD’s for your client.  This is great for closure and provides your client with a resource to continue working on what you were in the session.
  • Having that recording may in fact be a way for clients to work through the same things they worked through with the live version. It’s not as good… but it serves the same purpose by coming pretty close.
  • Leslie Hunter MT-BC in Rochester NY for Boces uses Garage Band with her students to create personal projects that are very rewarding for the kids.  Garage Band allows you to choose your instruments,”draw” to beat patterns and overlay them on top of each other.  I don’t have all the details on what she does… I recommend getting in touch with her if you’re interested.
  • It’s super techie!- I have a new Macbook model, and it allows me to select the kind of recording i’m going to do: songwriting, solo vocals, acoustic, piano etc.  Then you have the option of adding whatever instrument tracks you want.  Just like in the recoding studio, you can record each component separately, then fuse them all together in the end.

Here’s a recording of a song I did for my client this semester.  It’s to the song “Goodnight Irene” but he would insert his wife’s name during the chorus.

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