Tech-ie Tuesday! “Incorporating Technology into your Sessions and Professional Life”

So here is the plan! Every Tuesday from here on out I will be posting a tip on how to incorporate technology into your music therapy life, whether it be with a client, a group, or social networking as a professional.  Each one of these realms is very important.  Technology is taking over the world whether we’re ready or not, and it’s best we embrace it! Most client’s (unless you’re working with an older population) are used having technology inserted into their lives, and rapport with younger generations will be even stronger because that is how most older children and adolescents communicate these days.  Showing your clients that you’re not afraid to incorporate technology into their sessions is really something special.  So here is tip numero uno in the Tech-ie Tuesday line-up!

Working with my client this semester at the Aphasia clinic sprung up an idea.  I recently purchased a Macbook (which I highly recommend; they are wonderful!), and I really wanted to incorporate some of its features into my session.  He is working on speech and language exercises, and often cannot tell he is not  using his lips and tongue the correct way to form the vocal sounds we are working on.  The speech clinic would often give him a small mirror (it resembled the child size mirror I would used when I put on my mom’s make-up when I was 5).  I decided to try and use the Macbook “Photobooth” feature which brings up your webcam onto the screen and sets it to real time.  It basically acted as a “gadgety mirror” that was fun and interesting for him to use.  I noticed right away that he started to pay closer attention to his mouth when I set the laptop in front of him.  Photobooth gave my client a crystal clear image of his mouth, that was “way cooler” than a small mirror.  I’m not saying you have to use it in just this way, but it’s an idea!

Stay tuned for more “Tech-ie Tuesday” ideas!



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