Rhythm Rings!

Rhythm rings are all the rage! O.K, at least in my mind they are. I picked up these handy little shakers at the Mid-Atlantic Region Conference and cannot get enough of them.  The extremely helpful man at the exhibition hall stand was demonstrating them in the next booth when I caught a glimpse of them and had to have them.  I’ve recently used them at “Kirkhaven” (see previous post) where it really added something special to the percussive accompaniment. A bunch of things ran through my head of how I was going to use them. Let’s go through a few:

  • So adaptable! No matter what population you’re working with they can strap on to anyone’s fingers- from child to adult!
  • Instant success! No matter what you hit, or if you just shake your hands they make a sound.
  • As a therapist, you can use them while playing other instruments.  With a guitar in your hands it’s very hard to try and play a shaker. Now you can!
  • Great in a drum circle, or percussion activity for the therapist or the client.
  • So many possibilities!
  • They’re adorable!

So strap on some rhythm rings and start using them as you jam out, or in your sessions. You can find rhythm rings at http://www.westmusic.com.  Here’s a little demo video for rhythm rings.



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