Being Part of an Interdisciplinary Team

Working with an interdisciplinary team can be a really great experience but it does present challenges. Anytime you must collaborate with more professionals other than  yourself, different opinions, different ways  of doing things, and different disciplines  are added to the mix. This semester I am  doing my practicum at the Nazareth  College Aphasia clinic. This has given me the opportunity and now, the experience, of being in a co-treatment situation as well as working with a team of people other than music therapists. As the semester winds down, I look back and reflect on the experience with all of its positives and negatives:

Myexperience has been a mixture of both sides of the chart. There have been times of miscommunication and bad collaboration from one end. This tends to make the experience less enjoyable but also a good learning experience. When this happens, it is in your best interest not to be a complain, but rather, keep your composure and professionalism. This will speak well for you. Situations like this allow you to demonstrate the kind of therapist you will be, as well as your leadership skills.

I was given the opportunity this past Tuesday to write up Nazareth’s first interdisciplinary report with the speech therapist I am co-treating with, and both of our supervisor’s. I enjoyed the collaboration as we created this document. It is difficult to bind two disciplines together and focus in on one client, however when both professionals are working toward the same goal, the process is much easier.

If given the opportunity as a student to participate in something like this, I highly recommend it. It is a great window of opportunity that gives you experience that one normally wouldn’t get until you are a professional



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