The Music (wo)Man


My name is Sarah Sendlbeck.  A little about myself- I am 21 years old and I am currently living in Rochester, NY.  I am a heading into my final year as an undergraduate Music Therapy student at Nazareth College.  Although at times I feel like pulling my hair out, hiding under the piano in the practice rooms, and rolling into the fetal position, my experience training to be a Music Therapist is rewarding, exceptionally enjoyable on most days, and shaping up to be the best decision i’ve made.  I originally had ambitions to be a clinical psychologist, but my passion for music and the overwhelming capabilities and roles music plays in a therapy setting are not only supported by clinical research, but also countless testimonials and music therapy professionals throughout the United States.

I am in my second clinical practicum this semester.  I am working with a client at the Nazareth College Aphasia clinic with a gentleman that has Primary progressive Aphasia: “a type of dementia characterized most prominently by an insidious and progressive disorder of language and speech abilities.” Last semester I was supervised under CP Rochester and worked with a 4 year old on the autism spectrum, as well as a group of 11 children with mixed diagnoses of cerebral palsy, autism, and mental retardation.

As for most students (specifically Music Therapy majors) I struggle with balancing the tasks placed on me as a BA music student, a training therapist, and a working young adult.  When all area’s flow together, its a rewarding feeling.

In this blog I hope to provide a window into the world of a student music therapist.  I would like to provide resources for both students and working professionals in the field, and I publish my own thoughts, songs, activities, and guidance to other’s on how to successfully balance all the fundamentals that make up a Music Therapist, and the many “happenings” that are going on in this field.

More to come!

“Simply put, music can heal people.”


MAR-AMTA Pittsburgh, PA Nazareth College Music Therapy Students



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3 responses to “The Music (wo)Man

  1. Brian

    Don’t forget about keeping in touch with your budding socialite side with a nightlife like no other 😉

  2. Brian

    I think Sweeney Todd summed it up best with: “Times is hard”

  3. Hey!
    Thanks so much for writing to me! I wish you the best of luck with your final stretch! GO FOR IT!
    Keep in touch
    Jammin Jenn:)

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